iPinPoint is a mobile application that enables the user to perform quick calculations with the aid of the camera. The user would take a picture (or use one from the album), and calculate distances or angles by simply tapping on the screen to pinpoint the angle or object of interest.

iPinPoint can be used to perform the following calculations:

  • Compute an angle (Three points are required)
  • Compute the length of line(s) (Two points for the yardstick and two points for each line)
  • Compute angles, lengths and area of a triangle (Two points for the yardstick and one point for each vertex)
  • Compute area, perimeter, and radius of a circle (Two points for the yardstick and three points on the perimeter of the circle)
  • Compute Cobb angle (Two points for each lines)

The accuracy of the calculations depends on the quality of the picture. In the case where the camera is used to measure an angle, the relative location of the points on the picture will greatly affect the magnitude of the angle.